You’ve Got Mail

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WWKD? What would Kathleen Kelly do?

This set is truly my pièce de résistance and in truth, the set should include ALL the lines from the movie, because it is, without a doubt, the GREATEST MOVIE EVER and my #1 favorite film.

And as pencil-lovers do, I must end with offering to give you a “bouquet of newly sharpened pencils.”

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5 reviews for You’ve Got Mail

  1. Marcie R (verified owner)

    You’ve Got Mail is my favorite movie and when I use these pencils, I’ll be replaying those scenes in my head.

  2. Mya F (verified owner)

    I am truly OBSESSED with these pencils! You’ve Got Mail is my favorite comfort, escape, and joy, and these pencils remind me of it every time I use them! And when I sharpen them, I’ve got my own bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils!

  3. Sarah S. (verified owner)

    These pencils are so fantastic. Perfect selection of quotes from a favorite film. But more than that, from the adorable packaging to the sweetest personalized note thanking me for my business to the amazingly quick delivery, I loved ordering from Longhand Pencils and would do so at the drop of a hat again.

  4. Amber (verified owner)

    I got these as a Christmas present for my mom because we used to watch Meg Ryan movies together growing up and this was her favorite. We have so many great memories of cozy movie nights together. For anyone who’s seen the movie a million and one times you know that one of the lines is about wishing to send “a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils” and I just can’t think of a more perfect gift for fans of YGM! I see it as more a piece of decor to prop on a bookcase or shelf but it does look like it would make a good quality pencil if that is your thing.

  5. Julianne

    These pencils write and erase so smoothly, and they feel luxurious! I bought these because I love the movie, thinking they would just be normal pencils, but they have quickly become my go-to writing instrument. It’s makes the math part of my job almost bearable!

    Looking forward to my next set, but I just can’t decide between all of the wonderful options!

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