Pride and Prejudice

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The classic Jane Austen novel, now in pencil form!

This set features eight phrases stamped in gold foil.

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7 reviews for Pride and Prejudice

  1. Emma Joy (verified owner)

    These pencils WILL make you want to write a letter to your beloved, inviting them to take a romantic stroll with you through a misty field at sunrise. I can confirm this. Now, if only Kasee could make and deliver me a beloved…

    In all seriousness, these pencils are wonderful and make me excited to write with pencils again! They no longer represent dread and standardized testing! Just joy and reminders of one of my favorite love stories!

  2. Jillian McCusker

    So amazing! I bought three sets of pencils from longhand pencils and they all were so beautiful! I especially love these! Will definitely be purchasing more sets! Cannot wait time use them and show them off! Thank you so much!

  3. Holly C (verified owner)

    How ardently I love this set of pencils! I bought them to use as giveaways for my Little Free Library! I think my neighbors will like them, and I’m glad to support a small local business. ❤ ✏ ?

  4. Leah (verified owner)

    These are so awesome!! My best friend loved them. Also, Longhand Pencils has amazing customer service. I will order again!!

  5. holdenj (verified owner)

    Purchased these a bit ago and was finally brave enough to sharpen one. They are awesome pencils, as promised and bring a unique grin everyone I now use them. Back for the new releases today, what creative choices!

  6. Marie (verified owner)

    I am very fond of these pencils. Seriously, I love this pencil set just as much as I love P & P!

  7. AnneMarie (verified owner)

    Would I have bought this set just for the “such an exemplary vegetable”… why yes, yes I would have. The others were simply a bonus.

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