I’ve had my share of looking at screens and pounding on keys. Haven’t you?

Let’s take it back to the good ‘ol days — of lending cute boys your pencil, collecting animal-shaped erasers and scratch-n-sniff stickers, crafting love letters and diary entries, and most importantly — writing by hand.

Photo by Jessica Murray Photography; custom shirt embroidery by Songbird Stitching.

At Longhand Pencils, we want to inspire you to bring writing by hand back into the modern age. With pop-culture-inspired foil-stamped pencils, you can celebrate your Stranger Things binge-watching and Taylor Swift carpool karaoke-ing with the OG writing instrument: the #2. Now, write on.

Wanna be pen pals? Got a Q about Longhand? Want to submit a pop culture request? Want to customize a set of pencils?

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