13 Going on 30

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One of the best rom-coms out there, IMHO. Jennifer Garner is a national treasure, the romance is a complete SWOON, and the soundtrack is full of bops. A+++.

This twelve pencil set features lines from the film in a color scheme inspired by Jenna’s “Thriller” party dress.

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2 reviews for 13 Going on 30

  1. Michelle D (verified owner)

    I was planning a 13 Going on 30 birthday party for my friend, but it was thwarted by COVID. I’m so happy I can give her this pencil set in the meantime. The color scheme is even more gorgeous in person!

  2. Kalie H.

    These pencils are the loveliest! I got my author bestie this set as a gift, and it delivered promptly and in perfect condition! Highly recommended.

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