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For fueling my love of words and writing, I credit Sarah Dessen. Her books gave meaning to my teenage years, helping me feel understood and allowing me to get lost in meaningful characters and important stories.

This newly-updated colorful ten-pencil set features lines from Sarah’s books, as well as key elements — locations, songs, and phrases — from her unique YA worlds.

Included for your viewing pleasure: a photo of me with Sarah at her 2019 release of “The Rest of the Story.” #fangirling

**NOTE! The “Truth Squad” pencil is double-sided, with “The Potato Opus” on the opposite site. Also, the “World of Waffles” pencil is maple-syrup scented! IYKYK. (The scenting process is DIY, and while I have made every effort to seal in the scent, the pencil still may be a bit sticky and is probably best used for decoration, fyi.)

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  1. Michelle (verified owner)

    Sheer brilliance! I never hit “add to cart” faster than when Longhand Pencils drops a new set.

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