2020 Pop Culture Roundup

Woweee. Anyone else going to bed at 6 p.m. tonight so this year can be O-V-E-R????

While this year has been a dumpster fire and a half, I wouldn’t be Longhand Pencils if I didn’t reminisce on the best pop culture moments of 2020 — through pencils, of course.

My highlights: the jailing of Harvey (*insert Keke “Sorry to this man” meme*), Dolly Parton’s COVID-19 vaccine funding, Schitts Creek Emmys sweep, Carly Rae Jepsen’s life-saving Dedicated B-Sides, and Biden’s win.


Taylor Swift: Our girl really came through for us this year with TWO woodsy, dreamy albums that showcased her songwriting excellence. Also, “long story short: I survived” is our 2020 MOOD. Shop the Evermore & Folklore pencil sets.

Haim: my favorite girl band brought us a killer record to get us through this year. A MUST LISTEN.

The Chicks: their return brought us the incredible album that we are not talking about ENOUGH. #tightsonmyboat

Dynamite: The year of BTS!! NO REGRETS!! (I had but one song to contribute to my husband and I’s Spotify Wrapped. This was it.) Shop BTS Dynamite set.

Carly Dedicated B-Sides: I’m not being overdramatic when I say this kept me going this year. I am a deep and devoted Carly fan and these songs DELIVERED.


Emma: Don’t ask me how many times I’ve watched this Austen remake this year. …but…I mean: Johnny Flynn.

Parasite: History-making! Bong Joon Ho said “Once you overcome the 1-inch-tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films,” and all SKAM fans said: “Well, yeah. Duh.”

Hamilton: Disney Plus did us a SOLID this year and let us get reallll close to Leslie Odom Jr.’s face. *offers prayer of gratitude* Shop Hamilton pencil set

TV Shows:

Schitt’s Creek: This show is….simply the best. (This counts bc the last season came out this year OK!)

Bridgerton: The NSFW regency-era show we all didn’t know we needed? XOXO, Lady Whistledown.

Queen’s Gambit: The moment we all started wanting to play chess (and with Dudley Dursely, perhaps?)

Julie and the Phantoms: dead boy band + Kenny Ortega-directed music and dancing = utter perfection.

The Mandalorian: In which Din Djarin adopts a baby and we beg for joint custody.

(Also LOL @ when Baby Yoda became the unofficial Longhand Pencils mascot??)

Selling Sunset: The bingeable reality show that disgusted me…but also captivated me??? (And had me browsing Zillow immediately.)

Viral Internet Content:

See the following:


REUNIONS. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston (!!!), the Goonies cast, the Office cast, Parks & Rec, the cast of Fresh Prince and Saved by the Bell THE LIST GOES ON AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL

Some Good News: Thank you, John Krasinski. We bow down.

Please Scream Inside Your Heart: ’cause WOW, a mood. Shop the pencil.


Literature is arguably my biggest pop culture sector, especially where pencil-making is concerned. Here are but a FEW of my favorite reads.

Boyfriend Material: In a surprise to absolutely NO ONE, Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall was my favorite read of the year. Sexy, funny, and smart, this fake-dating treasure is a buy-in-all-formats read. (The audiobook is NEXT LEVEL.) Shop the pencil sets: 1/2. See also: the interview I did with Alexis!

The House in the Cerulean Sea: I. Have. No. Words. For. How. Much. I. Love. This. Book. An absolute must read. Sweet and beautiful and the book we all needed in 2020.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue: Hahahahah laughing through the tears because this book wrecked me in every way possible.

Heartstopper: I have dedicated my life to Nick and Charlie. The end.

Tweet Cute: SO CUTE. The writing is so clever, the romance is swoonworthy, and the desserts are TO DIE FOR. A must-read! Shop the Tweet Cute pencil set.

Cemetery Boys: A beautiful, smart, and romantic debut that is a 2020 standout. Shop the Cemetery Boys pencil set.


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