Boyfriend Material

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A hilarious, sexy, and smart fake dating treasure by Alexis Hall. Twelve pencils, stamped in gold foil.

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12 reviews for Boyfriend Material

  1. Jo

    The absolute cutest pencils and oh-so-sturdy! They came with a very sweet personalized note, which honestly, was just as exciting as receiving the pencils. I can’t wait to use and display them!

  2. Sara Godfrey (verified owner)

    Beautiful pencils and so excited to be able to find some cute “extras” for this amazing book by Alexis Hall. Perfect verisimilitude. They also came extraordinarily fast which is always an awesome bonus! Would very happily buy from this shop again.

  3. Em (verified owner)

    I adore Alexis Hall’s books, especially Boyfriend Material and these pencils are absolutely perfect! I can’t even pick a favorite, though “socially conscious as balls” and “emotional support sandwiches” may be in the running for the top. Thank you so much for making them, it’s like enjoying the best inside jokes with Alexis Hall fans every time I use one.

  4. Cathy B

    I love these so much and they make me so happy! Just like Em says, these pencils are just like enjoying the best inside jokes with Alexis Hall fans every time I see them. I cannot decide whether or not I will use the Boyfriend Material Pencils or if I will keep them in a pencil cup and gaze lovingly at them. And I’m trying to decide which pencils I want next!

  5. Monkey (& Mary)

    These pencils are legit ADORABLE. Arrived very quickly (I’m in the UK), and came with a personalised note that was delightful.

    A must-have item if you love all things Boyfriend Material (or are an assistant). <3

  6. Kimberly Cooper (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these pencils. Looking at them makes me feel like I’m re-reading Boyfriend Material again.
    They arrived quickly and just as adorable as they are in the photo. I appreciate the kind personalized note as well.
    I am back to order more pencils for friends as gifts.

  7. Erin Staples (verified owner)

    I am obsessed with these pencils. They’re gorgeous and the quotes range from the funniest in the book to the biggest gut-punches. The personalised note was absolutely wonderful and the cherry on the top of an already beautiful purchase! I’ll definitely be buying more pencils when I get the chance. I have my eye on the RW&RB set!

  8. Tracie

    This was such a great, funny, swoony book and when I look at the pencils and phrases from the book, it makes me smile all over again!

  9. AR (verified owner)

    The Pencils are great. I have both sets and love the quotes! The book was brilliant and a most enjoyable read.

  10. Yolande (verified owner)

    I bought these as a gift. But I want to keep them because they are awesome. But they are out of stock for ordering. What to do?

    I bought 7 different sets. They are all fabulous – arrived quickly in good packaging.

  11. Ursula (verified owner)

    Love this set of pencils! The funny quotes from this hilarious and sweet book keep me company at work. The lead is sturdy and doesn’t break easily. They stay well in a hair bun, too.

  12. Sofie Melhus (verified owner)

    Love them! Would totally buy again!

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