#IStandForGirls, and So Should You

For eighteen months during 2013-2014, I lived in Mozambique.

Even in that short period of time, I grew to love — as dearly as my own family — the people that I met there.

Because of that, Longhand Pencils stands firmly with Kurandza, a a nonprofit social enterprise investing in the future of women and girls in Mozambique through educational programs.


Their mission, as manifested through their name (Kurandza is Changana for “to love”) is to provide educational and sustainable development programs for girls to become leaders in their villages in Mozambique. When a girl has an education, she shares her skills and knowledge with her community, creating more opportunities for thousands of people. 

Education matters — for girls, for families, for communities, and for the world.

Elisabetta and Percina, the founders of Kurandza, saw firsthand the impact an education made for the girls in Mozambique. When they went to school, the girls came home more curious, interested in learning, and they dreamed of bigger possibilities and opportunities. An education changes the whole trajectory of their lives, giving them the knowledge and power to make a choice. 

Elisabetta and Percina, founders of Kurandza.

Kurandza’s programs are created from the feedback of our local community in Mozambique. Their needs drive each program we create and fund, which ensures that our programs generate the most impact possible. 

This month, I am helping to raise awareness about Kurandza’s #IStandForGirls campaign, a movement aimed at changing the future for girls in Mozambique through education and empowerment.

When You Educate a Girl, You Change Her Life.

When you give a girl an education:

  • She’s less likely to marry early, have unplanned pregnancies or contract HIV.
  • She’s more likely to earn a higher income and provide better health and opportunities for her family.
  • She’ll have the financial means and desire to send her own daughters to school and stop the cycle of poverty.

Your donation will give girls access to education and the additional support they need to stay in school and change their lives. With the complications and challenges of the global pandemic, your giving is even more critical to families in Mozambique.

You can give girls a brighter future when you sponsor their schooling.

How Can You Help?

Kurandza must raise enough funds to support all 205 children for the 2021 school year by September 30.

This allows their on-the-ground Mozambique team to measure and make uniforms, purchase adequate supplies and arrange transportation and additional programming for the 2021 school year, which starts in January.

How is Longhand Pencils Helping?

#IStandForGirls. What about you?

During the month of September, Longhand Pencils will be donating a portion of ALL proceeds to Kurandza’s education efforts. And later this month, Longhand Pencils will offer two products — a pencil set and a pencil pouch, with 100% of profits benefitting Kurandza.

Let’s stand together for girls.

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