Meet Kasee, Owner & Maker at Longhand Pencils

Wassup my pencil people!!!!!

….okay. That was too much. I know.

I’m just excited! I know a handful of you have already been following me and the Longhand journey since our beginning (the ye ‘ol yesteryear of 2019…ha), so you’re already aware that I’m geeky and chaotic and obsessed with pop culture.

Still true. Yep, that’s it. GOODNIGHT, Y’ALL. *mic drop*

Kidding. Not about the geeky, chaotic, pop culture obsessed part. That is still very much true. But I wanted to share a little more about myself, so that we can become BEST FRIENDS, KINDRED SPIRITS, PENCIL PALS, THE WHOLE SHEBANG, okay?!

I’m a small business, and while there are many, many, many (many!!!) challenges of running a small biz (one being the giant baby on my lap smashing the keys as I type this.kaakejfljahekru) there are some really amazing things — one major one being the connection I can build with each of you.

Yes, I do truly, truly appreciate the income that keeps my kids in diapers (or if I get them to figure out potty training: UNDERWEAR!) and the $$$ that keeps me running and doing what I love. (Yes, I LOVE making whimsical pencils. Not like platonic, the-way-you-love-your-brother way. Like IN LOVE. …okay, this analogy is getting a bit weird. Moving on.) It’s my passion and the funds help me keep doing it. So, thank you. Seriously.

But more than that, I love meeting you, talking with you, sending you packages that bring you joy and help you bring joy to others. I love your messages, comments, DMs, emails, ALL OF IT! I love fangirling with you over books and TV shows, of celebrating what makes us happy to be alive. I love getting to better understand who you are and what you love. I love getting to collaborate with other female entrepreneurs and artists. It’s really the best part of what I do.

So, here’s me sharing a little more about myself so that we can become BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. You down? Cool.

I’m Kasee, (pronounced like Casey) owner, founder, maker, and pop culture enthusiast behind Longhand Pencils. I’m a I’m a double-twin mom (yes, two sets) and writer, living in Texas. My husband, children, and I live on a 10-acre property with horses, bees, and rogue chickens. Oh, and the resident scorpion who lives in our mailbox. Cute, huh?

I’ve been writing since…well, since I could write. I devoured books and grew up wanting to write them. I graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in journalism, which took me to jobs at magazines, hundreds of interviews, and a deep, passionate love for the written word.

I’m also a nerd and multi-passionate creative. I love stationary and stamps, bookstores and queso. I believe in big magic and the em dash. I obsess over Taylor Swift, cheesy romance novels, and You’ve Got Mail. I find purpose in my faith, in writing, in exploring creative ideas, and amplifying the voices of women and girls. I dream of one day owning a flower farm, baking cookies for the neighborhood kids (I have the best recipe, FYI), and finishing my YA novel(s). Also, running a pencil empire. Obvi.

Longhand Pencils grew out a kept-me-up-at-night idea: a fun way to connect two of things I love — writing and pop culture. So, why pencils? Well, FYI: writing by hand is good for you. It’s good for you mentally, physically, and emotionally. In our overly-saturated screen-soaked lives, we all need the benefits of putting pencil to paper, of expressing ourselves by hand. It doesn’t have to be some serious manifesto or work of literature — it can be a note, a list, a journal entry. And I want to make that even more fun with whimsical pencils that celebrate everything you love.

I researched machines and tools and processes and (after many, many mess-ups) launched Longhand Pencils on November 1, 2019. Each day since then has been a fun, rewarding, challenging, and exciting journey. And I look forward to many more day of the same.

I can’t wait to get to know more about you all. Introduce yourself below, or come find me on the Longhand Pencil social media channels: @longhandpencils everywhere.

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