Meet Me

Hi, friends!

Likely you’re here because you’ve read some of my stuff. Or you’re my grandma. Either way, I’m glad you’re here.

I’m a twenty-something writer hailing from Austin, TX. I get my hands (and keys) dirty writing about the internet, tech, websites, motherhood, food, big-city must-dos, and everything in between. I’m working on my first book, a contemporary YA romance (oh la la), and sling sassy, pop-culture-inspired foil-stamped pencils on the side(hustle) as owner of Longhand Pencils.

I’m a 90s baby with four babies of my own — wonderful, adorable, perfect, (exhausting) twins — yes, two sets — who rule my world. #SeeingDouble My husband is a coding, camping, chicken-herding triathlete cowboy who I met the first week of my freshman year of college. He champions all of my wildest dreams, doesn’t make me camp, and lets me bore him — in detail — about the latest celebrity breakup. He’s a keeper.

I’m a self-diagnosed stationary addict, procrastibaker, naptime reader, journaler, Ben Rector fangirl, obsessive list-maker, awkward passenger-seat dancer, and Chris Farley quoter. I hoard washi tape and haunt bookstores.

So, stranger, if you like to obsess over stamps, Sarah Dessen, and Stranger Things, I think we’ll get along just fine. Nice to (virtually) meet you!